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Hair Supplies



At Boulevard Salon, we know your appointment may be the only time you have for yourself this week.  Which is why our focus is on HOSPITALITY.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Hair Supplies

Meet The Team


Michelle 2022.jpg

Michelle McCarthy

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Michelle is the owner of Boulevard Salon and Esthetics as well as an esthetician and Certified Master Pedicurists. 
You will often find her sugaring, doing mani's and pedi's, or running the salon in her ~minimal~ spare time. Michelle will always greet you with her warm smile and  personality!

Trina is one of our UV gel and acrylic nail specialists. Trina loves learning knew techniques to share with her clients and coworkers.  Trina does every esthetic service we offer. Trina has a bubbly personality to keep you entertained during your visit to the salon.

Trina 2022.jpg

Trina Hamilton

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Jodi Schlitt

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Jodi is a Certified Master Pedicurist who is passionate about healthy feet! As well, she is a UV Gel Nail Tech that enjoys nail art. Trained by the North American School of Podology in 2020, she specializes in the care of ingrown toe nails, corns and calluses..

Medical Esthetician

Alisha 2022.jpg

Alisha Pala

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Alisha is the salons Medical Esthetician. Alisha has many talents including permanent make-up, nano-needling micro-needling, BB Glow treatments, under eye therapy and other beauty services. Alisha's knowledge and passion for the industry makes her a special asset to the team.

Jodi 2022.jpg

Hair Stylists

Martine 2022.jpg

Martine Evans

Martine, also known as Martini,  does the majority of Boulevard's short cuts; including men's and women's. Martine is not one to turn down a challenge, as she is incredibly versatile with her trade. Martine has a "Best Foot Forward" attitude and is a Boulevard gem! 

Madeline 2022.jpg

Madeline Matthew

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Madeline is a "Jane of all Trades" stylist who takes great pride in her work, whether it be hair or helping out her peers. Madeline specializes in colours, blondes, and vivids.  
Madeline may have different coloured hair at each visit, but you can be certain it is anything but ordinary.

Joanne 2023.jpg

Joanne Meakin

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Joanne is a new addition to Boulevard's who specializes in bridal/up-do's but is not limited to! She has a passion for colour and helping you find the perfect style, for you. Joanne is a creative artist who takes pride in her work making you feel safe, included, and beautiful! 

Brianne 2022.jpg

Brianne Marchenski

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As the manager of the salon, Brianne has many hats to wear and is one of our blonde specialists, who also loves creating a customised look for every day life. Brianne does stunningly shiny blow-outs that will make you leave feeling amazing! Brianne has an infectious laugh that will have you smiling throughout your appointment.

Shop Dog

Marty 2023.jpg


Marty is an even newer addition to the salon family!

Michelle has very recently adopted Marty, the miniature Dachshund. Marty is only a few months old, and learning how to adjust to salon life!
Being so new to Boulevard, we ask for your patie
nce during services as you may hear him vocalizing about wanting to be pampered, too!


  • Please be sure to chat with Michelle before handling Marty

  • -no matter how cute he is-
    If Marty is expressing himself via cries
    please do not engage with him as he is training to be the best shop pup!


  • Please do not feed him anything, unless Michelle has given the ok, as he's just a baby and we're still learning him

Puppy Rules:

Creations From Our Team

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Work by Trina:

Work by Alisha:

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